In November 2014, I wrote the rest of London’s story out during National Novel Writing Month.  However, I also wanted to keep it part wishacy.  So, I’m combining them as I edit my story.  I still play the game, then edit, then take any extra pictures.

I will follow the wishacy rules at times.  It will depend on if a moment could further the story. However, I’ve basically taken full control of my story now.  While I had a ton of fun with the wishacy, I want to share the story I wrote.

Now, Justine’s story is full blown wishacy.  I had fun writing it, and though challenging at times, I felt it gave me the confidence to write London’s story.  So, thanks to buckeyegirl80 who wrote the original wishacy rules here.

I truly hope you enjoy my story as much as I had fun writing it.  If you are an aspiring writer, then make sure to check out the NaNoWriMo website above.


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