Meet Justine Ramsey

“Welcome to Roaring Heights” the sign said as we drove into the city limits. I was so thankful I was finally here. I’d come to this town with the hopes of starting over.
“Miss, what address did you tell me again?”, asked the cab driver.
“51 Beach Dr”
When I arrived, I paid the cab drive and looked around. It was gorgeous!
It had been a crazy few months what with graduation, packing and the emotion of my parent’s death. I was ready to settle down in my new house. The realtor had said over the phone that it was a charming little house. I didn’t care much at the time as I was more worried about the price range. However, now, I was very thankful. It was a beautiful little house sitting right on the beach!
I was born in Isla Paradiso and I loved it very much!. When I was a teen, my parents were killed in a boating accident. I had heard rumors about this ocean beast called the Kraken, but I always thought it was just that: a rumor. I’d never known anyone who had actually been attacked. So, you see why I had to get away. Too many memories.
After my parents died, a close friend of mine invited me to stay with him and his family. I was very thankful as I really didn’t want to live on the street or be put into some kind of foster care. However, no one really knew what to say to me. I can appreciate this as I didn’t know what to say to them either. It was a tough time.
So, I did my best to finish high school as quickly as I could. A few months later, I graduated, thanked my friend’s family, and left town as quickly as I could.
I can remember the day I left like it was yesterday. As I was leaving the house, I noticed the newspaper on the table. There was a huge picture on the front page with the headline “Local Couple Photographed During Kraken Attack”. I was shocked! I picked up the newspaper noticing my shaky hands. I almost threw it down, but I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. It was about a local couple that was attacked the day before but had somehow survived. I guess it was good someone had, but she sure wished her parents had survived as well.
I wish to someday become an International Super Spy, but first University beckons.  At times, I get a little scared, but I know my mom and dad would want me to be Brave as I work towards these Ambitious goals.  I would love to have a Family some day, but I want to wait awhile since I want to go to college, find a job towards my goal, and find a husband. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a cute guy since I love to Flirt and I’m quite Perceptive.


So, won’t you join me on my journey to see if my dreams come true?  If so, please visit my next chapter: 1.1 – Settling In .  I hope you enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Meet Justine Ramsey

  1. That was a really clever way of introducing your founder's traits without explicitly saying “these are my traits!!!”. Nice touch, and I love the writing style over all. I'll admit that this is my first kraken in a Sims story…. interested in seeing if that plays out further.


  2. Well, I can't take credit for it. I've seen others write it that way as well. 🙂 I just “stole” it. Thanks for the compliment. I am totally new to this, so it's been a huge challenge. However, I'm having tons of fun doing it! 🙂


  3. Yay! Thanks for commenting!! 🙂 Yeah, I might try to incorporate that later in the game, but I'm not really sure how. I didn't really plan further than the beginning of her story. 🙂 I love the kraken, though! Thanks!!


  4. I'm reading your story now, like I've been telling myself to do for months now, but I've never had the time. Now I'm going to sit down and hopefully get through tons of it. Great introduction, I'll comment again once I get all caught up 😀


  5. Who does have the time to read others stories? I barely do. I feel so bad, but that's how it goes, I guess. I do my best to slowly get around. Thanks for taking the time, though, to come to my story. 🙂 I love it!


  6. I love the scenery and the different worlds that Sims 3 let us play in and I hope that TS4 will eventually allow us to do the same. I love the name Justine and she just looks so darling (I bet she will make beautiful babies! lol)


  7. I’m thinking about doing a wishacy with my one character to explore new expansions and towns and check out aspects that I haven’t tried out yet. Glad I stumbled across yours. This was a great start. .. and the Kraken was an interesting plot point. I’ve never read a Sims story with one yet so I’m ctrio us to see if the kraken shows up again. looking forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so much fun!!! I’m glad you were able to find it! Obviously, as you get to Gen 2, I’ve changed it some. However, I’m still doing part wishacy.

      I know it will be back, but I’m just not sure how yet. 😉 I’m so glad you were able to stop by! I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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  9. The nostalgia as I read back through this! I was just a wee 14-15 year-old when I read the Ramsey’s :3 That’s so long ago XD I’m surprised you’re still committed :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! Sometimes I read back before I start writing to get the feel of the story. It helps at times. 🙂 I quit like everything, so I’m determined to keep this going. 😀


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